Ways to Start Your Own Blogging Team

As more blogs are created by individuals and organizations, the demand for bloggers is also on the rise. Specific fields that require writers for blogs include public relations agencies, news networks, publications, marketing teams and real estate.

Basically, the skills needed to become an effective blogger are good communication skills, focus on details, knowledge of WordPress, search engine optimization (SEO) and Microsoft. A person who is self-motivated can also become successful as an online content writer.

freelance blogger

The blogging world has become very competitive through the years and the job outlook for writers including the freelancers who work online remains to be bright. Employment for writers and editors in the U.S. is predicted to grow by eight percent through 2018, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is due to the fact that more companies in various industries have embraced multimedia technologies and online media as a way to reach their target audience. Continue Reading

Make Your Blog More Interactive With Plugins


A blog indeed is an effective way of sharing information with people. But in order for it to run smoothly and be more interactive, a blog today needs to utilize certain plugins. Not a problem, though, because countless of creative minds passionate about internet technology continue to develop tools to help publishers in their pursuit […]

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New Must-Use WordPress Plugins for Bloggers


Plugins for WordPress are in large supply. In fact, there are more than 26,000 of them making it a real challenge for bloggers to choose the right ones that will make their blog or website fully functional. Whether you’re new to blogging or have been blogging for some time now, here are several plugins released […]

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Three Easy Steps to Blog Directory Submission


Blog Directory Submission is one acknowledged way of getting additional attention, traffic, and beneficial back links to blogs. It is not a difficult task to accomplish and blog owners can easily do it on their own. The benefits in blog directory submission far outweigh the slight inconvenience of taking some time to do it. Preliminary […]

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How to Get Noticed in Blog Directories


One major requirement of blog success is to get noticed by the target audience if not the general online readership. Though it is something many blog owners try to do, not every effort is rewarded with success. It is important therefore to determine the best way to do it. Even in blog directories, there is […]

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How to Use Images in Blog Posts

Most internet users, if not all, are easily attracted to photos and graphics in magazines, newspapers and books. In fact, it’s human nature for people to be visually oriented and this holds true even online. Browsing through a website with just all text can be boring. Even though the fonts are of different sizes and […]

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