Reasons for Gradual Decline in Blog Traffic

On my last post I gave several reasons that could explain a sudden plunge your blog’s incoming traffic including: *problems with your stats tracker; *technical difficulties with your blog; *holidays/special events; and *a sudden drop in search rank (or even removal from search index). What I will be discussing today though could explain why your blog has been experiencing a slow and steady decline in traffic. In my opinion a steady decline in traffic is harder to reverse and more deadly than an abrupt plunge (unless the plunge has been lingered for some time). The reason for this is, as you can see from the list above, the reasons for abrupt changes in blog traffic have short term effects. Because of this the problem can be easily resolved or even just take care of itself. On the other hand, a steady decline usually shows a genuine lack of interest from your readers. This means that you have no choice but to figure out what’s sucking the life out of your blog. In my opinion the top reasons for a slow but steady decline include: Poor content – For the nth time “Content is King”. There is no substitute for good content. If you started with a great engaging blog and lost steam, you shouldn’t be surprised to find your followers falling off one-by-one. There’s nothing left to do but to get back on tracking with the quality

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of your posts. Too infrequent posting – Readers don’t like getting spammed but neither do they like having nothing new to read. The point of blogs is having fresh content, so have something for your readers on a regular basis. Booming competitor’s blog – A new or old blog may be bleeding you dry. Whether this be intentional or not you have to do something. Again it usually boils down to content but just to make sure do an objective comparison to know the specific reasons why your readers have moved on to another blog. Highly specific event-centered blogs – In cases like these (i.e. Beijing Olympics last 2008) there really isn’t much you can do. After some time people’s interest will wane no matter what you do. All you can do is either adapt and change theme or wait for the next similar event (i.e. the next Olympics) and in the meantime be satisfied with less traffic, if any.

Best Resources For Building Your Blogging Business

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Blogging is an activity that can not be done effectively by everyone. When done right, it requires either a whole lot of smarts, a whole lot of opinions, or both. Thanks to technologies out there and websites like WordPress, Blogger, and other sites that exist for the sole purpose of making blogging easier and more […]

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Social Media Tips and Tricks For Content Marketing


Social media is great for content marketing. If you do it correctly. And, in our wonderfully technologically savvy current social media landscape, ‘correctly’ tends to change a little bit almost every week. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t follow some general principles that will at least always move you in a positive direction. Consider […]

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5 Easy Ways To Beef Up Your Blog

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Anyone with access to a computer can write a blog these days. On a basic level, it’s even free, as text and images really don’t take up a lot of space, so free hosting on a general level isn’t even a problem anymore. However, if you want to increase the quality of said blog, there […]

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Tips All Business People Need to Knock Their Careers Out of the Park


Being a business minded person is not always easy. Entrepreneurs are always discovering new ideas. Of those ideas, they have to decide whether or not they will make worthwhile investments. There is a lot that goes into creating a business. There is even more that goes into creating a business that will find success. Not […]

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3 Blog Structuring Tips for Make Your Content More Consumable

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When it comes to blogging, whether it’s for business or pleasure, having a solid blog structure is one of the most beneficial things you can include for improved readability and user experience. However, structure is often one of the least thought of variables when a blog’s success isn’t taking off. Think of it this way: […]

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