May | 24 | 2014

New Must-Use WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

Posted by as Blogging News, Blogging Tools, Tips Plugins for WordPress are in large supply. In fact, there are more than 26,000 of them making it a real challenge for bloggers to choose the right ones that will make their blog or website fully functional. plugins-wordpress Whether you're new to blogging or have been blogging for some time now, here are several plugins released in 2013 worth using. They are easy to use and are great free blogging tools. It's also worth noting that they won't cause your site to slow down as some people fear. Experts say there's no truth to what some people believe that using too many plugins will slow down your site. This is only possible if the plugin you're using is not coded properly.
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Apr | 19 | 2014

Three Easy Steps to Blog Directory Submission

Posted by as Submissions Blog Directory Submission is one acknowledged way of getting additional attention, traffic, and beneficial back links to blogs. It is not a difficult task to accomplish and blog owners can easily do it on their own. The benefits in blog directory submission far outweigh the slight inconvenience of taking some time to do it. [caption id="attachment_1439" align="aligncenter" width="480"]Image Source Image Source[/caption] Preliminary Steps Before taking these three steps, make sure that you have addressed the basic requirements. One is the creation of an awesome blog ...
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Mar | 06 | 2014

How to Get Noticed in Blog Directories

Posted by as Submissions One major requirement of blog success is to get noticed by the target audience if not the general online readership. Though it is something many blog owners try to do, not every effort is rewarded with success. It is important therefore to determine the best way to do it. Even in blog directories, there is no assurance that blog owners will get their desired results after registration. It takes more than luck for your blog to have that much needed exposure. It would take purposeful and well-thought-of moves to be noticed in blog directories. Image Source What ...
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Feb | 11 | 2014

test rafflecopter

Posted by as Blog Tutorials News test a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Jan | 30 | 2014

How to Use Images in Blog Posts

Posted by as Blog Tutorial, Tips Most internet users, if not all, are easily attracted to photos and graphics in magazines, newspapers and books. In fact, it's human nature for people to be visually oriented and this holds true even online. Browsing through a website with just all text can be boring. Even though the fonts are of different sizes and text colors vary on a page, it can still look uninteresting. When this happens, you're most likely to turn off a visitor looking at your site for the first time. This is where the importance of images come in and which every blogger or publisher should not take for granted. Including photos in a blog post is a very effective way of attracting visitors and encouraging them to stay longer on your site. Keep in mind that internet users have short attention span and are selective the reason why you need to add a quality image in a post as much as possible. Many bloggers consider it a sin if you fail to do this step.
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Aug | 26 | 2013

Blogging for Beginners

Posted by as Tips Blogging is a paradox of sorts. On the one hand, it is a free tool that allows you to express yourself online for millions of internet users to read and join with you in discussion. On the other however, it is a saturated medium that makes it hard to get noticed and easy to be plagiarized, while not always providing you with the utmost respect that you deserve from your journalistic peers. But blogging has quickly taken over as one of the most prominent formats for news content—whether breaking news or editorial content—and as ...
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