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Jul | 24 | 2007

Google OKs Underscores as Word Separators in URLs and More SEO Tips

Posted by as Blogging News, Linking, SEO Features, Tips Still wondering if you should use dashes or underscores in your permalinks? Worry no more; Google considers both as legitimate word separators. This was announced by Google geek Matt Cutts at WordCamp 2007 yesterday among several other pearls of SEO wisdom he dished out to the WordPress crowd.
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Jul | 17 | 2007

Tweaking your blog’s HTML? Avoid these horrible tags!

Posted by as Blog Tutorial, Design, Design Features, Opinion, Tips If you've been blogging for sometime now, you would have tinkered with HTML several times of already. In fact I've shown how you can use several HTML tags to make your posts more readable. The bad news is, HTML has a dark side: it has tags and attributes that are not very useful or meaningful (i.e., deprecated) but can still be used by the ignorant, especially since HTML is very easy to learn. But if it is not learned correctly, your blog might load more slowly or not work at all in other people's browsers. Warning: Do NOT try these at home!
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Jul | 05 | 2007

Use FeedBurner Stats PRO and MyBrand For Free!

Posted by as Blog Tutorial, Blog Tutorials News, Blogging Tools FeedBurner Leading feed-pimping website FeedBurner is now offering its PRO services completely free. There is no catch. And people who have been signed up for PRO accounts will not be billed for June 2007 onwards. What do you get with a FeedBurner PRO account? Two things.
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Jun | 26 | 2007

Are Link Trains the Chain Letters of the Blogging Age?

Posted by as Linking, Opinion, Promotion, SEO Features You've probably seen several versions of a link train meme going around the blogosphere. Whether it's supposedly optimized for certain web applications (e.g. Alexa version 1 & version 2, Technorati, MyBlogLog, Bloglines) or requires some other qualifier (viraltags, your name in your domain name, tech sites only, feed URLs, Z-listers only!), this method of sharing the link juice has grown immensely popular. It's like a new class of memes have replaced all those generators and quizzes we love trying out. If you look more closely, link trains are more like chain letters---stripped of hexes and a set number of people to send them to. But are they also hoaxes? (Chain letters are nothing but empty threats, in case you haven't figured it out yet!)
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Jun | 20 | 2007

Protect Important Folders in your Blog

Posted by as Blog Tutorial, Blogging Tools, Tips Bill Hartzer's recent post reminds us to mask some of the more sensitive spots in your blog. Although this is only applicable to self-hosted blogs, I think everyone will benefit from this tip of keeping your blog secure. It's another one of those tasks we should do habitually but often forget. Here's how it works: we should not allow sensitive directories on our blogs to list their contents publicly. We do not want malicious visitors getting any hints on how they can compromise our websites. We should not let search engines list irrelevant folders in their results. Hartzer wrote specifically about denying other people access to one's WordPress plugins directory, but when you go through your site carefully, you'll notice several more directories you might want to protect:
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Jun | 18 | 2007

Make Every 13th of the Month Your Blog Backup Day

Posted by as Blogging Tools, Tips Here's a great campaign I bumped into: every 13th of the month is unofficially Blog Backup Day. How many times have we lost important information just because we never make it a point to (regularly) backup? Blogging is no exception. If you value your blog and have spend lots of hours writing new posts, customizing the template, and promoting it to other people---which you probably do, since you're here---you had better back up your blog as often as possible. What I like about Blog Backup Day is how it wants you to start the habit by setting a definite schedule and ...
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