How to Deal with Negative Comments

Oh, here it comes, the addiction of receiving comments on our blogs, we’re hungry for comments, we encourage readers to comment on our blog posts. But what would you do, and what would you feel if someone left a negative comment in your blog posts? Would you delete them , censor them by deleting certain “negative” parts or retaliate and start a world war, or respond to “that” comment kindly?

Would you run and hide, or face that negative vibe?


As our blog becomes popular, have lots of informative posts, our blog receives more comments. But we can’t stop some readers from leaving arguments or negative comments. Some people that give negative comments that use profanity, or just be plain rude with their, “I hate the world, I wanna die so I hate you too” attitude they comment wildly and negatively and sometimes mock you personally too. Although some “mature” people leave “negative” comments but they have facts to them back them up, and may be added to your experience as a form of constructive criticism.

So You can’t choose the personality of your readers and your commentors, no matter how well-written your posts is there’s always someone that would destroy the mood. Hey you can’t please everybody!

I’ve had my fair share of negative comments and sometimes I’d let it all out and get angry but I never take it personally and I never retaliate by making a defensive post or an angry comment answer because it won’t do me any good, it would just lead me to my downfall or loss of concentration.


Let’s turn the negative into a helpful positive

Effectively dealing with negative comments will show the readers how mature and credible you are. You will gain respect, if you calmly respond to negative comments. Clearing your emotions of any anger and negatives vibes will do wonders for you.

  • Idea Number 1 — It’s stressful if you if you equally respond to a negative comment
  • Idea Number 2 — Your Maturity, Credibility and Reputation grows if you answer a negative comment, professionally or in a mature fashion


  1. What I have found people using on the net that is really useful is including a reminder/note on their blog post to not leave offensive comments. The cool thing about those I have seen though is that they do not discourage negative comments but only those that are really offensive to others (other than the blogger…like the person(s) the blogger mentioned on the blog post) or that are abusive in nature.

    Like Niniane’s (a Google engineer) post protecting her friend Mindy.

  2. These days, I try to abide by the axiom:”YOU DON’T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY, DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!”. But then again merely dropping a compliment can be perceived otherwise too. So, I try to refrain myself from commenting, except this one!

  3. well, really if you have something to say…
    may it be good or bad just say, don’t make us ask 20 questions… seriously, It’s a form of communication to the writer/blogger so leave a comment (good or bad) don’t harass the author of the post, leave facts, Information to back your statements… thus a bad comment may look constructive

  4. You don’t really need or want that lifestyle, it might hurt y’all slowly more…….Just tell him you
    don’t wanna repeat something your not too proud of z7uas.


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