Benefits of Guest Posts

In my last post Beating the Blog Rut I neglected to mention another way of making sure that you still have entries even when you are having a writer’s block – having guest bloggers. Asking friends and colleagues to write one or two posts on your blog is actually very advantageous and will benefit you […]

Stress-Free Blogging

Managing Your Time A very important part on your blogging is setting a reasonable schedule and good time management for posting, commenting on other blogs, moderating and responding to the comments left on your blog, reading feeds, checking your stats, and lots more. Setting up a schedule and sticking to it will keep you from […]

How to Choose a Right Niche Topic for your Blog

If you want to build a business around blogging, you have to create multiple blogs with the niche topics. The very common confusion faced by the bloggers usually is that, is it better to create one blog with many categories or to create many blogs. Another confusion is that how to chose the niche topics […]

Exploiting Clichés

Who said that clichés are never good? Well really should avoid them most of the time. After all, I am sure that you can come up with something more original and something that would drive your point home – most of the time, that is. Yet what about those times when you simply cannot get […]

The Three Types of Comments

I have never known a blogger who did not value comments highly. In fact, the opposite is true. Every blogger that I know cannot hide his or his excitement over receiving even a single (legitimate) comment on a post. I am much the same way – I love getting comments, and why not? They are […]

20 Best Free E-books To Leverage Your Blogging Skills

E-books constitute an unfathomable repository of knowledge and relevant information that are refined in composition and interesting to read. Hard bound books have moved out of fashion in this e-world and being a person whose prominent share of time gets spent on laptop, e-books are handy to read and manage. Free e-books offer enlightened exit […]