Blogging with Character

One aspect about creating a blog is doing it with character. The approach and the impact of blogs towards readers will always have a bearing with regards to the continued patronization and reliance for future reference and track backs. For an up and coming blogger, this is one essential element with regards to building the […]

SEO Blogs: Why starting one isn’t a good idea

SEO blogs are valuable as a resource for SEO newbies. There are even some SEO blogs out there that are really valuable resources even for advanced SEO techniques. Great SEO blogs out there include Matt Cutt’s blog (great for newbies to advanced since your get the latest Google updates and of course the hid video […]

Are You Blogging Too Frequently? Part II

Last time I gave two things that will indicate that you may be blogging too frequently: if you are flooding your subscribers’ feeds and if you keep rehashing old topics. Here are two more things that could mean that you might be overdoing it in terms of blogging frequency. 3. You Find your writing quality […]

The Dreaded Blog Spammers

Referrer values are passed by web browsers and show how a page was come by. Let’s say you search on Google for websites about a particular subject. If you click on a search result from a to visit a website then the destination website will have an entry in its access logs showing a referral […]

Say No to Memes

Memes are something that you should stay away from. As always I exempt personal blogs from this rule but even then answering and posting memes should be limited to as infrequently as possible. The reason for this advice is simple – memes are boring. Memes are so boring that no one really ever cares to […]

Write your own stuff, don’t leech from another blog!

There was a time that I heard about people who plagiarize blogs. I find it weird since some of the blogs that have been plagiarized were talking about personal matters. Think of it this way. If you wrote something like: This is one of the most wonderful days of my life. I have a new […]