The Downside of Multiply

While I was raving about Multiply in the last post, I would like to point out a couple of its flaws now. Do click the “More” button for, well, more. :p

The Wonders of Multiply

I have made quite a few discoveries since my last appearance on the blogosphere, and one of them is the beauty of blogging on To the uninitiated, is a social networking blog community that offers much more than an avenue for bloggers to converge and converse, while also offering file hosting services, all […]

The Secret to BlogGurl’s Productivity

I just finished churning out 11 articles [non-stop!] by this very moment, when this was written. The secret to my current level of productivity is… No intarwebs at home!

2007 was good, and I know 2008 will be GREAT!

It’s the night before New Year and as is the tradition for most people to make resolutions, I’m making New Year’s blog resolutions of my own. 🙂 I think that blogging as a craft has to be perfected over time, and there is always room for improvement. I think that the same tenacity that one […]

Blog Monetization Trends and How You Can Duplicate These 2: US and European Blog Scene

While we are on the subject of blogging trends and how you can maximize earning from your blogs, I just want to share my observations on the blogging scene in the US and Europe, as I’ve seen so far. Locally, blogs are not regarded as an authoritative source of information. On the contrary, in the […]

Blog Monetization Trends and How You Can Duplicate These 1: Philippine Blogosphere

In our world where the trickle of cents could translate to dollars, there are so many tips, tricks and strategies in order to get traffic to your site to keep those adsense credits coming. There are SEO tricks that are clean, and there are those that are downright “black hat”. I’ve been bloghopping over the […]