My Blogging Pet Peeves

Like anything else in life, in the blogging world, there are pet peeves. I’m sure you have them, like I do. While writing posts for this blog, I saw this comment that led to a “scraper site”. You know, those blogs that scrape content from other people because the said blog is run by some […]

My Blogging Habits

Blogging is essentially writing, only that it’s an Internet-based medium, and you have the option to give a little link lovin’. :p Plus, you get to format your post on your own, and if you have your own blog, you get to format it yourself, blahblahblah. Today’s post will be about my personal blogging habits. […]

My {Dummy} Elementary Analysis on the Google Ad System :p

Warning, this is a Dummy(GeekGurl)’s elementary analysis of the Google Ads system. Feel free to correct me. :p Of my favorite things about Google, it must be the Google Ads system that made me most impressed about Google as a company. Though Yahoo has Yahoo! Search Marketing, it has never approached the relevance and the […]

Blog Economics 101: Cutting Costs

Today, I blogged the entire day away.. Literally. From 10 in the morning down to 7 in the evening, I had blogged away. Well, I didn’t write all that much as much as I was setting up blogs like crazy. I had seen how my AdSense revenue had shot up when I added AdSense to […]

Hello Blog-Tutorials!

Hello-o-o,! (Imagine me say “hello-o-o-o” like the Warners in Animaniacs. :p) Well, hello readers and fellow bloggers, anyway. 🙂 I’m DummyGeekGurl on Gazooki, and the former Diva in Non-Havaianas Rubber Slippers up on Froodee. Though the admin truncated my name up on the links list as just “Diva.” I’m now posting as myself on […]