When Not to Blog, Part 2

Yesterday, we discussed the first part of When Not to Blog. Let’s wrap it up here. Sponsored reviews Writing about sponsored reviews (or advertisements) on one’s blog is already a tricky issue being debated over on the Net, and I’ll not be taking sides here. If you do decide to write sponsored reviews, don’t immediately […]

When Not to Blog, Part 1

For your blog to become successful, you’ll need to have discipline when it comes to posting. You’ll need to follow a regular posting schedule to ensure that readers will come back and that your site can offer fresh keyword-rich content for the search engines. However, there are times when you shouldn’t force yourself to write/publish […]

Use Image Attributes to Boost Your Blog’s SEO

When properly used, images can help your blog’s search engine optimization. You’ll need to pay attention to two attributes/HTML tags: alt and title.

New Blog Tutor, Signing On

Hi everybody. I’m Phillip (aka Corsarius), one of the new writers who’ll be bringing you regular writing tips, search engine optimization tricks, and blog tutorials. By day, I’m a problogger and freelance writer. I’ve regularly written for over 30 websites,  and you can currently find me at Performancing.com, one of the leading sites for probloggers […]