Blog for a Rainy Day (Trust Me)

Back in my days working in television news, I was taught the importance of having “evergreen” material ready to air in case of an emergency.  Basically, this was generic content without any dates, names or specifics attached to it.  Yes, like the plant, it has leaves all year round. If you’re serious about your blogging, […]

Live Blogging: The Wave of the Future?

We’ve talked about the ways to edit your work, but what if bloggers were forced to blog live? Lacking the excitement of a live sporting event or reality show, live blogging could be the wave of the future. Think about it: What if you had to create a post and were not given a chance […]

How to Copyedit Your Blog

Rewriting and revising any written work is an essential part of the writing process. The question is, as a blogger, how much emphasis do you place on editing your work? With the assumption that any writer worth is his or her salt will review work before posting, I’m curious to know which of the following […]

Quickie Tips on Becoming a Better Podcaster

A well-produced podcast can add a layer of value to your blog.  If you’ve been staying away from the medium because you think it’s a passing fad, I ask you to reconsider.  All signs point to continued audio growth. Since April 2005 I’ve produced the Working Podcast, a career advice and employment news show that […]