Blog Usability: An Introduction

Blogs have a very basic design with the blog title/header, tagline, content, and sidebar(s). Despite the fact that most blogs basically make use of the same elements the difference between the feel of various blogs is very noticeable. Many blogs with just the most basic of elements use very straightforward navigation but end up really […]

Blog Usability: Looking for Information

One of the great things about blogs is that they are updated really frequently, at least when compared to static websites. Because of the constant influx of new posts you can be sure that a blog generates lots of information. This is a good thing but just like papers that keep on piling up in […]

Number of Links: How Much is Just Right?

When it comes to inbound links the rule we all know that the more we get the merrier SEOs will be. Of course that’s assuming that the inbound links are quality/relevant links. We don’t want links from flagged sites (spammers). When it comes to the number of links you should insert per blog entry do […]

Blogging and Branding

One way to keep your readers loyal is by creating/building a brand for your blog. Branding is not exclusive to company products being sold but can be used by anybody who wants to “sell” anything. According to Wikipedia a brand is actually “a customer experience represented by a collection of images and ideas.” What this […]

Building your blog brand step by step

Building your blog’s brand does not need to be difficult. However, when it comes to branding you should always remember to exert effort to be consistent with the image you wish to portray or you’ll end up with confused, turned-off, and/or skeptical readers. Branding inconsistencies will make it obvious that the image you’re putting up […]

Comments or No Comments?

Having a comment section on your blog is a good idea because it becomes a venue for interaction between you and your readers as well as between the readers themselves. However, if you remember having your very first blogs with no more than a handful of readers then you probably know how lonely a blog […]