A few reminders on third-party Image Hosting

If you have a blog that’s hosted in WordPress.com, or Blogspot, or any other free* service, or if you have unlimited resources, that is, truckloads of money to pay for all that uncapped web space, you may be least likely concerned about the gigabytes that images can easily consume from what you have arranged with […]

The CAPTCHA has been pwnd!

So, you think CAPTCHAs would cut your spam comments in half? Well, think again. Just a little over a year after Google let loose audio CAPTCHAs (the most common implementation of which is an accessibility icon next to visual, or image CAPTCHA, that play a recording of a series of numbers and/or letters, dumbed down […]

Live blogging, or boot-legging?

From Digg: Courier-Journal field reporter Brian Bennett was kicked out of the stadium in the middle of an NCAA baseball super-regional (the fifth inning, to be exact) for live blogging last Sunday (GMT-4? I’m bad at time zones. Use this instead and look for “America/Louisville”) the high-energy match between University of Lousville and Oklahoma State, […]

Template Designers Get Ready: Safari 3 for Windows is coming

Talk about getting your head in the game. As if testing on two browsers is not enough (or three, for Opera, so stop writing that email now! I get flamed enough already, thank you), Apple sets loose its flagship browser onto Windows machines in WWDC07 in an effort to what can be interpreted as a […]

Copyrights, Trademarks, and Patents

I love it when news like this gets the front page every now and then; it encourages people to look further into the story and its repercussions in their own goings-on. In the bloggers’ case, this means understanding what a copyright, a trademark, or a patent can do for your write-ups and original images, audio […]

PRESENCE is the new black

To have the blogger’s mindset is to analyze and think about the best ways to present, initiate and encourage discussion on ideas that may first appear as irrelevant together and not worth thinking over. In the months I started pushing web content, I unconsciously developed a rather anal-retentive process as to which ideas make their […]