Are Your Blog Visitors Too Lazy To Comment? Try ClickComments

Blogs are nothing without the communities surrounding them. Listing your blog in directories and other social sites, as well as linking and trackbacking to get noticed may be good and all, but without reader feedback in the form of comments, you’re essentially talking to the wind. The good news is, it’s not always your fault. […]

MovableType 4 Beta Released and Goes Open Source!

SixApart has just announced the release of MovableType 4 Beta. Many have known MT as the definitive blogging software that has forever changed the way people blog. Beyond WordPress Those who are well-versed with the history of blogging will know that the boom did not start with WordPress. The first wave came with MovableType. Few […]

reCAPTCHA: More than the Usual Anti-Spam Measure

It started with junk mail in real life, creeped into our virtual mailboxes, and has now invaded our blogs as comments and trackbacks. Blog spam is usually characterized by generic advertisements for silly stuff including but not limited to porn, warez, lotteries, pills, insurance, and real estate—often with a suspicious-looking URL. You start getting spammed […]

Make Your Blog Posts Readable

Blog posts are different from paper-based readables in that they’re relatively uncomfortable to read (especially the longer ones). Not every one of your visitors is likely to sit through everything you have to say. Statistically, people only skim the length of the page in order to decide whether the piece is useful to them or […]

Learn How To Link (and Trackback)

Whether you call it the Internet, the Net, the World Wide Web, the Web, CyberSpace, or even the Intarwebs, one thing is clear: this place is composed of several different websites connected through hyperlinks. Without links, we won’t be able to move from one website to another. Since blogging is a subset of the online […]

Act Your Age on Your Blog!

Your blog should reflect your age. By blog I mean your whole blog: your posts, your comments (read: possible arguments with other people), your blog’s design, and the general objectives of your blog. That’s the summary of this whole post. Of course, there will be follow-up questions to that. Like “what does acting my age […]