Learning to Blog through Experience

Image: fireflybusinesscoach People who are just starting to explore the world of blogging will find so many tips in the Internet on how to go about it.  There will be so many recommendations, suggestions, tutorials, and even lessons to be found on this topic that budding bloggers will definitely have an idea of what it […]

Developing a Framework for Your Website

In the online world, a framework represents a guide which a web designer follows with the intention of building dynamic websites. More than a plan, a framework is intended to be the main building component that will allow sites to obtain its set objectives in a fairly straightforward manner with the least disturbance along the […]

The Blogger Mindset

It is impossible to fully understand what blogging truly is until you become a blogger yourself.  You will never know the intricacies unless you plunge head-on with the experience and discover answers along the way.  Reading or hearing about it from others simply doesn’t cut it.  The real blogger mindset comes in as a person […]

How to Encourage Readers to Follow Your Blog

A blog doesn’t get to have a solid readership base without any real effort from the blogger.  Encouraging people you don’t personally know to follow your blog requires some basic work and preparation.  Once they are in place, increasing viewership is attained more quickly. The first requirement is almost like a mantra for every blogger.  […]

The Writer as a Unique Element of Blogs

With the millions of blogs flooding the online environment and competing for viewers’ attention today, a blogger will be hard put to find something unique in his/her blog.  Themes, topics, and ideas have almost been exhausted for what they’re worth that it appears there is nothing left to make a unique blog of.  But there […]

So You Think Your Blog is Perfect

There is an existing danger in believing that your blog is perfect as it is. It is either you leave no room for improvement and risk becoming stagnant if “perfection” is indeed a present reality or you suffer the consequences of having yourself as your sole critic and find out too late that your idea […]