When is Personal too Personal for Blog Use?

Blogs are essentially personal in nature. Bloggers can put just about anything they want in their site. Some even touch on the most intimate details of their lives to the great interest of their readers. Although this happens in practice, bloggers who seek legitimate online presence should be more selective of their post contents. Normally, […]

The Link Within

Blog sites will do well to harness the advantages of internal linking as they seek to build a reliable network outside of their sites.  Internal linking may provide benefits similar to those offered by external linking such as helping to improve search engine rankings for the site’s posts and pages.  However, what it primarily does […]

Identify Your Target Market

Every blogger would like to have the power to reach all people regardless of geographical location, demographic factors, and market segmentation but they will soon find out that this cannot be done overnight.  In fact, there might not be a need to do everything when all efforts can be initially focused on a particular place, age group, […]

Share-Worthy Blog Contents

If there is anything that will prove how relevant a blog content is to the reading public, it would probably be its “shareability” value.  Is the content something which a reader may like to share or disseminate to friends and family?  Does the content present value to a particular niche or group?  Does the content […]

The Slow but Steady Route to Blog Success

The wisdom in the saying that true success comes slowly but steadily is seen in developing and maintaining a blog. The often-offered shortcuts produce temporary results at best and damaging effects at worse. A blog site stands to benefit more from a carefully thought-out SEO campaign than any other marketing strategies combined. Comprehensive SEO campaigns […]

The Concept of Quality Blog Content

Bloggers are reminded over and over again to come up with quality content if they wish to increase their readership.  Quality denotes value, worth, and excellence, and writers are expected to bring these into their work.  Quality can be the distinguishing element that can set a blog apart from the rest.  In order for a […]