3 Surprising Things to Know About Aesthetic Appeal: What Makes Your Blog Appealing to Visitors?

Have you ever noticed the difference between one grocery store and another? You may prefer one store because the lighting is indirect, the aisles are wider, perhaps even the items are arranged in a manner that makes more sense to you. Understandably, you are probably going to choose one grocery store over another, due in part to these reasons. But how does this apply to blog marketing?

Similar to a store design and layout, the way you design and customize your blog can be the difference between attracting traffic and sitting stagnant. Most people are very visually oriented and value how a blog appeals to them aesthetically as well as intellectually. Have you evaluated your blog’s aesthetic appeal lately? Included here are a few things to consider when editing your blog for aesthetic appeal that generates business and boosts internet traffic.


One of the first steps in creating a blog that is appealing to online traffic is through carefully designing your page structure. Similar to navigating an unfamiliar store, if your page navigation is not clear and easy-to-use it will not be appealing to visitors. With 55% of internet users spending less than 15 seconds on the average web page, are you making your blog as accessible as possible?

Before designing your site in a way that makes sense to you, do some research to find what is the most easily navigable blog design. Frequently, this will mean a menu bar along the top of the screen, frequent use of blank space, and careful accents of color. Always research how color, design, and layout affect your internet traffic before you launch your page.


Perhaps one of the scariest elements in any blog is when you are utilizing color. You may be overwhelmed by the potential color schemes available and create a veritable rainbow of a page. Unfortunately, color is an element that should only be used in moderation. If you find yourself overwhelmed by color schemes and themed palettes, consider utilizing a tool that pairs colors for you, so you don’t have to trust your own eye.

Succinct Text and Whitespace

Most individuals do not want to be overwhelmed by blocks of text and a barrage of images on your blog. To solve this problem, it can be wise to use text succinctly and integrate a great deal of whitespace. Try to place emphasis on your words by only publishing what needs to be said, and break up large blocks of text with an image or, at the very least, paragraph break. Having whitespace on either side of your text can also help your page seem less cluttered.

Originally posted on May 17, 2016 @ 7:52 am