5 Immediate Feedback Methods for Your Online Business

One of the greatest opportunities that you can use in today’s modern business world is the incredibly short feedback loops that are possible. Never in history has it been so easy to get immediate responses to your business ideas.

However, along with that, never has it been more difficult to make those responses work for you better than your competitors. In that balance lies the riddle you have to solve as a business, and as a marketer. But there are certain methods that you can certainly use to help you out, including built-in survey capability, live chats, face-to-face interviews, scheduled Skype interviews, and open form surveys.

Built In Surveys

One of the more intriguing things you can do, if your business already has some sort of application you use for client-side interaction, and create a built-in survey for customers. So basically, within the application that they’re using, they have single button access to immediately tell you and your company what’s good, what’s bad, what can be improved, or anything else that they want.

Live Chat

If your business has a website, which it should in order to attract web-based clients in the first place, then by setting up a live chat option, people who come to the internet looking for your service have immediate access to people who can answer questions, take orders, or otherwise communicate vital business data. Initially, people may have been a bit leery of using these live chat options, but as people have become more accustomed to the idea, now they’re starting to expect it.

Face-To-Face Interviews

And when it comes time to beat the street, nothing is better than a good face-to-face interview. Brush up on your basic selling psychology, and remember that you’re not trying to trick people, but rather just establish your information in the most appealing way possible, and you can get a demographic that might be a hard sell in a more impersonal manner.

Scheduled Skype Interviews

Skype interviews can also do wonders for business when it comes to the feedback loop. If you and someone else both come prepared for an online meeting like that, a tremendous amount of information can move back and forth in a short amount of time, which allows both parties to win.

Open Form Surveys

Finally, if you want to use some of Google’s in-built forms, you can leave an open-ended survey up in Google Docs, and people can access it any time they want, and when complete, it will be ready for you to observe and analyze. This can be one of the best ways for people to send you non-stressful data.

Originally posted on December 24, 2015 @ 2:55 pm