A Blogger’s Life is Enriched by Real Life

The “real world” is such a great inspiration for the blogger. When the sun rises on me, I marvel at its beauty, and I would like nothing more than to be able to share it with someone. When something happens to me on my way to a mall, I would like to talk about it. And these nuggets of inspiration are what a blogger needs to enrich his/her blogging life.

A blogger’s life is composed, not only of the blogging/posting load, not only of the orders he/she can fill, but also of the rest of existence that fuel it. For those who blog on parenting, they would be inspired by an anecdote of their baby spilling milk on their shirts. For those who blog on celebrities, maybe a run-in with their favorite star would best inspire them. For those who are into Theology, like me, a new insight could be my fodder for a new post.

A blogger’s life shouldn’t be limited to the Internet. When your life revolves around the 01100101010 code that’s just translated into words, sentences and paragraphs, you would soon die in burn-out, like I did.

Truly, no man is an island. I am a testament to that. I had slowly died in my dorm room, for lack of human contact, and lack of sunlight. Back in my room, it would take days on end before I saw the sun, because I had lived by the slogan, “I have intarnets. I will live.”

What I didn’t realize was that I was in need of seeing the sun rise on the horizon, the trees swaying in the air, and the moon shining above me. I was in need of hugs from friends, and affirmation from loved ones. I was in need of Life.

Thus, if you missed me, I just needed a sabbatical, because the four walls of my other dorm room were driving me insane. But now, as you may have noticed, I’m back, and with a vengeance at that!

(Note that this is an application of Best Practice/Attitude #1 in March 28’s post.)

Originally posted on April 3, 2008 @ 10:28 pm