WordPress Widgets

Here’s a tip on WordPress Widgets.

Here’s something for WordPress afficionadoes (I’m one): WordPress Widgets. It’s one of those plugins that will hopefully make life easier, in terms of designing and tweaking your blog (or website that uses WP as content management system).

WP Widgets basically allows users to rearrange sidebar elements and content without having to manually change any code on the sidebar theme file itself–it usually just involves dragging and dropping items using the interface provided in your WordPress dashboard. What’s great is that Automattic (creator of WP) provides an API that developers can use to code third-party widgets. A handful of widget-ready themes are also available for download.

So next time you feel like changing your theme or upgrading your WP installation, you won’t have a difficult time coding and re-coding the modifications, unlike with heavily-modded installations where you’d have to turn everything upside down whenever you make such changes.

Originally posted on November 12, 2006 @ 4:50 am