Are You A Blogging Addict?

I didn’t really want to use the word “addict” as it may have some negative connotation to it. However, I couldn’t really find a more appropriate word for the idea that I want to convey – which is a strong desire to continuously work on one’s blog (and everything else that goes with it). There are concrete signs that one is addicted to blogging – they are not necessarily bad, mind you. Let’s take a look at some of them and see if we are addicted to blogging.

Do you obsess over the number of your subscribers?
The fact is that we need subscribers. We want to know that we have people who regularly visit and read our blog. The number of subscribers is one of the most common ways to measure a blog’s popularity and thus, success.

Then again, if all you could think of is increasing your subscriber number, you might not be doing yourself (and your blog) much good. Think about it, you cannot force people to subscribe. Well, that is unless you have friends and family members that you can bug to death about it. What happens when you run out of friends to bug? The time you spend obsessing over your subscriber number can be spent on other means of optimizing your blog.

My suggestion is for you to focus more on your content. You can also focus more on creating and building relationships with other bloggers – you can’t force them to be your subscribers but if you build relationships, you will most likely have new subscribers.

Originally posted on April 18, 2008 @ 4:29 pm