Beat Writer’s Block With Blog Subscriptions

When it comes to blogging, you would need all the resources you can get your hands on. One undertapped resource is a subscription to a Tier One blog.

*sound of eerie circa 1950s music screeching to a halt*

I think I made the “Tier One” term up, but I just may be wrong here.

*music plays again*

When you have a subscription to a Top Blog, say ZDNet’s blogs, or, or any other big-name, industry-standard blog, you get the added advantage of getting new information straight into your inbox. The information that you won’t get on a normal day, like the inside scoop of Microsoft’s new moves, or other such “classified” information, you’ll be able to catch the first look of, if you have a subscription to these other sites.

There were several articles for which had been birthed with ideas that came from subscription issues. I also learned quite a few tips from my subscription (electronic) copies. When you don’t have time, or you can’t make time to surf for information, with these treasure troves of info delivered right into your inbox, you can cut the chase of searching for fodder for your blogging, and instead be like a turbo-charged Energizer Bunny, Blogger Version.

Well, not exactly. But these subscriptions are a better shortcut than, say, going through 30 minutes of writer’s block when you run out of ideas.

Just a tip in order for your subscriptions not to clutter up your inbox:

Add filters to your emails and assign them to specific folders, so that your mails would go straight to the assigned folders than straight to your inbox and cluttering it.

I have tons of email because of my subscriptions that I failed to properly archive, so I would really suggest that you don’t follow in my footsteps and be a step ahead of your inbox clutter. If you’re using Gmail, it would be great if you chose the option to “skip the inbox” and archive the emails instead, so that while they were already labeled, they would then go straight to the Archives, and no longer clutter your inbox.

So, kill writer’s block! Get subscriptions to the top blogs now!

Originally posted on March 21, 2008 @ 9:50 pm