Blog First, Think of Earnings Later

Money in Blogging

If there is one obvious thing that gets people to blog is the fact of reading various articles that blogging can help residual income to people whom have taken up the practice professionally and full-time. While this is true, this should not be the immediate purpose since doing so will only pressure and produce useless content. Quality content stems from proper educational tutoring of how blogs can be able to produce the promising revenue that they are hearing and reading about and not purely about putting anything they wish on their blog site.

Sticking to the basics and then enhancing and professionalizing in it later on is the best approach for a blogger to be promoted to problogger stardom. Let’s face it, blogging was never known some years back as a potential money maker and that a lot of people have started to take it up when they heard of the various success stories online. Hopefully, they also read how these people invested and studied the whole scenario. Blogging for money was certainly not done in a couple of hours.

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Originally posted on March 19, 2007 @ 5:38 pm