Blog now… It just might get lame later on.

Blog now… It just might get lame later on.

You may be a good writer and never run out of good topics to post but sometimes, you end up completely empty of output. Did your writing skills suddenly take a nosedive? Are you tired? Or maybe you’re hungry. You’ve searched high and low and you still don’t get it.

While material block is a state of not having a topic to write about, writer’s block is the state in which a writer just can’t write anything despite the availability of sources and ideas. It’s somewhat a cross between psychological and physiological stress. While you may have everything you need, you just can’t produce anything. It’s not that you lack the drive entirely but it’s more of a short phase in which your mind and body just want to wander around and relax a bit.

Nevertheless, don’t overuse writer’s block as an excuse for your non-productivity, because as stated earlier, it’s only a short phase. Sometimes, you may need to fight it off, too. Otherwise, it can become habitual and that would be scary.

A wake up call for us.

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Originally posted on February 17, 2008 @ 4:35 am