Blog theme frenzy on WordPress

Do you have a Word Press blog that is hosted on your host? Are you tired of the way it looks? There is no need to fret. After all, there are blog themes free for the taking.

What are themes?

These are the things you have to customize the way you blog looks. It is usually downloadable as a zip file or a targz file. If you download one and open it, you will see that it has different files and some of them in php and some would have the css extension.

Where could you get the Word Press themes?

They are all over the internet, actually. But there is also the subdomain The nice thing about it is that you could see it via the test run. As such, you do not just have a screencap to base your decision upon but it is actually there being used.

What to do with themes…

This is the fun part!

  • Unzip the file you downloaded in your computer. It will be usually a folder with everything in it.
  • Upload the files to your server. Use favorite FTP client. Make sure that it is in the wp-content/themes/ folder.
  • Log in to your WordPress blog and go to the Presentation page. You should be able to see the list of newly uploaded themes there.
  • If you feel like changing the colors of your theme, you can do it. In the Themes section, you have the option to edit the themes. Click on the file style.css. You will have a box within your browser that has the css file. Tweak it to your heart’s desire!
  • Activate the theme and view it on your browser.

You can actually do a lot of editing within that user interface in WordPress. It is all up to your imagination. A few changes in the images used, some CSS tweaks and voila! You have your shiny new Word Press theme. Remember to use something that is appropriate to the content and theme of your blog.

Originally posted on June 27, 2006 @ 5:52 pm