Blog tutorial: Simple tags and Technorati


Would you like your blog entries easily searched on the ‘Net? No problem! It is fairly easy especially with Technorati around. Technorati happens to be ‘watching’ the blogosphere for the latest information on the different blogs.

Technorati tags
[tag]Technorati[/tag] is nifty because you would be able to see what others have tagged. Others can also see what you have tagged on your blog with particular keywords or ‘tags.’ If for example, you have written about coffee, you could put a tag on your post using the Technorati format: <a href=”” rel=”tag directory”>coffee</a>

Enter Simple Tags
WordPress users do not have to worry about typing something long every time they want to tag their entries. There’s a plugin called Simple Tags. You just have to make sure it’s already installed and you are ready to use it!

Using Simple Tags
It’s really easy. All you have to do is think about what words you would like to use in order to tag your posts. You could use anything you mentioned in your blog entry. Then, you have to use this really simple syntax: [tags]keyword1, keyword2, keyword3, keyword4,and so on…[/tags]. Do that at the end of your post. So maybe you could use something like [tags]coffee, cafes, Starbucks[/tags] if you talked about going to Starbucks for coffee one time.

You could even tag within your post. Maybe if you have different keywords within it that you want to tag, that’s alright. You just have to use [tag] and end it with [/tag]. So that would mean if you have a sentence like this:

I want to show you that the Simple Tags plugin for [tag]WordPress[/tag] is easy to use.

It will show WordPress as a tag at the bottom of the entry. Simple, eh? You could even tag phrases in your blog entry. How? As above.


Originally posted on August 22, 2006 @ 3:25 pm