Blog Writing Best Practices (Part 2)

Set the atmosphere.
Atmosphere is another very important thing for me. Aside from selecting my writing time – normally from 8 or 9 in the morning to 12 noon – I need to have some specific things in order to stimulate my writing juices. For example, I need a cup of steaming hot coffee – with a full pot for refills. Sometimes, music helps too. I put on some of my all time favorite tunes and play them softly in the background. Different people have their own preferences – it really depends on you.

Sit on your ideas.
Ponder. Think. Or even sleep. My point is not to rush your writing. If you get ideas but they seem to raw and the words just don’t seem to come together properly, do not force it. What I do is sit there for a while and just enjoy the quietness and calmness of the morning. I think of my main idea and then think how I can expound on it. If the ideas don’t come, then I let it sit longer and find something else that I can write about for the meantime. Of course, I am sure that you can force something if you do it hard enough but that is no guarantee that you will come up with a good post, is it?

Just keep on writing…
…let the words flow out from your brain to your fingers to your computer. Don’t worry too much about the structure and the coherence – you can work on that after you’ve written down everything.
Now it’s your turn – share your best practices with the rest of us!

Originally posted on November 22, 2007 @ 11:40 am