Blogging Daily or Alternately

It has been a belief that the regularly a blogger would update his site, the better chances that it can be optimized and included in visitor hits. While such is true, the essence still lied in the quality of the blog entry made to the site. It is not merely about entering something for the sake of being updated and listed as among the blog sites that are always updated. Content is still essential since information is quite delicate.

Blogging Daily or Alternatively

Blogs do not have to be updated daily. In a calendar month, blogging alternately with quality produced entries can fare better than the daily blogs which do not have any sense in them. The belief that religious and constant blog entries are good may not always follow since people may eventually get wary with regards to site credibility. The blog site and the blogger himself would eventually lose the vote of confidence, rendering the site useless and up for needed transformation in the end.

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Originally posted on January 24, 2007 @ 8:51 am