Blogging on Installments

Blogs were never known to be composed in lengthy proportions. They are tagged more as insights rather than informative reference posts. Bloggers would usually cut them into parts where a certain topic would be focused for some time, usually to help expound on a specific are of interest that would normally not be covered in one writing alone.

piece by piece

Pressuring ones self to summarize a certain topic in one sitting since in most cases, this would usually turnout to be something useless since with a every blogger’s focus on making it as short as possible, key points are being left out in the composition that are relative to the overall essence.

Common practice in blogging calls for emphasis on quality entries in blogs. While most people are more particular on the area of word count, this is a low side in creating blog entries since they are not achieving the purpose of effective blogging that of which is producing and making such blog entries searchable and educational in a sense to people who surf the web.

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Originally posted on March 5, 2007 @ 1:06 pm