Blogging responsibly (part 1)


When you blog, it is inevitable that you end up writing about too many things. That is why some say a person has ‘over-blogged’ when that happens. Too much information is another phrase. This sometimes happens when a person is ranting. Or sharing his/her reflections. No wonder some people get fired for blogging.

In offices, there are also policies on using the Internet and sometimes, it includes blogging too. Sometimes blogging at work gets in the way. Unless, of course, it is part of your job description.

What are some things you ought to consider in order to blog responsibly?

  • The topic you are writing about and the confidentiality involved.
    If you feel like blogging about work, make sure that you do not tell too much especially when it comes to projects. Also, check your contract for the confidentiality clause, among other things.
  • Blogging while at work?
    Not all companies outlaw this. However, make sure that if you do this, you do it during your free time or lunch break, not when you are supposed to work on your tasks. It could be quite distracting to write about things you enjoy a lot. You could be engrossed in it and you would not notice time slipping.
  • Acknowledge others
    This is especially if you have used other peoples’ images or words in your blog entry. To not do that might be considered as plagiarism and would cause a lot of trouble. It would hurt your reputation, for one.

There are several others. They will be in part 2 of this series.

Originally posted on July 5, 2006 @ 3:17 am