Cheats To Get More Blog Subscribers

Blog visitors who love your website might want to receive regular updates. Might as well put an RSS subscription system. Luckily, most blogs (like WordPress) already have this built-in. You could also sign up to a feeds manager like feedburner for this and display a feeds stats counter.

Your feed stats counter shows the live subscribers who bookmarked the website or visited it through feed today. This is your regular visitors counter. It’s a great marketing tactic especially when you’ve got more than 100 subscribers already. Here are three tips to get more Blog subscribers (or at least appear to have many subscribers):

  1. Use Forum’s last posts. Most forums have the ability of displaying your last blog’s post though a feed. Here comes the trick, paste your Feed Burner’s URL in that field of your profile in all the forums you participate at. Did it in 10 forums? Good, now you have 10 “subscribers” more.
  2. Put the RSS button above the fold. As obvious as it sounds, put the RSS feed button in the upper part of your blog – above the fold. Make sure the button is visible on all resolutions. Visitors typically want to have everything under their nose, so the bigger and more visible is your button, the better are your chances to get a subscription. Don’t forget, link the feed button to your feed burner’s url, and not “just” your regular feed generated by the blog.
  3. Ask friends to subscribe. No shame in asking friends to subscribe. Although they may not visit on a daily basis (which means after one day of their subscription it will be useless), but they will have you in their feed pages and may drop by sometime. Also, if they bookmark and visit through bookmarks, it will raise your daily count.

When you get at least a hundred or more subscribers, you’ll eventually get to a tipping point. Soon you’ll get 200, 300, 500 and even up to a thousand! Go for it – start making your RSS feeds visible.

Originally posted on July 7, 2007 @ 5:57 am