Check Your Blog Writing Style

Anyone can write a blog, that’s for sure. There are practically no restrictions when it comes to your own blog. Yet think about it, why are you writing a blog in the first place? Isn’t it because you want to have other people read what is in it? I may be simplifying things but I would think that that is definitely on top of bloggers’ lists of priorities. Why not check your blog writing style and see if you are writing to maximize your readership?

As with most other modes of writing, let us start with the title. I don’t know about you but there are many people who have some difficulties when it comes to the title. They may be really good writers and have awesome content but there are those who get stumped on the title. Of course, you have to bear in mind that it is the title that readers see first. It is what makes them decide if they will read the content or not. Write a descriptive title when coming up with your blog posts. With the thousands of blog posts being created today, your headline just might be your one chance of getting people’s attention. It would be read amidst countless other titles – make it stand out and let the readers know what the post is all about.

Is this how you are writing your blog headlines? Go back a couple of posts and evaluate how you’re doing. In the next post, let us look at the body of the blog post and how to work it out.

Originally posted on August 4, 2007 @ 5:00 am