Checking out blogging services:

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If you feel like playing around with a WordPress blog but you don’t have your own server, fear no more. You could actually check out the services on There are paid accounts for, similarly to LiveJournal.

The basic features of the WordPress blog are here. You also have several themes to choose from. You have limited tweaks on it though, as opposed to having a WordPress blog on your own server. Some of the themes allow changes in header images. Not all themes allow this so you better double check, in case you would like to have a different ‘look’ for your blog.

Widgets are available for users but, like the themes, you could only put the widgets that have been made available for you. Some of these widgets are the calendar, text, MeeboMe and

Tweaking the blog is limited too. So this service is more like for those who simply want to start blogging and have someone else take care of the other nitty gritty details.

One of the nice things about is the ease in creating group blogs. If you want a team blog… Let’s create one. Let’s say it would be the “Fabulous Baker Girls” blog and you want it to have a subdomain like “” one of you should immediately sign up as fabbakergirls. Then the rest of you could simply create accounts and the one with the admin access (for this example, it is fabbakergirls) could add you later on.

Blogging is easy and fun with awesome blog hosting services like WordPress around!


Originally posted on August 11, 2006 @ 12:05 am