Choosing Your Blog Layout

Aside from quality content, the overall presentation is also important such as the blog layout and theme chosen. In most cases, the default schemes offered would be the first ones shown. While various blog themes catering towards that of WordPress are being developed continuously, bloggers would still prefer free themes at first.

Blog Layout

Colors, schemes, layouts and widgets are among the usual things a person would consider before selecting their final layout. Any blogger for that matter would surely need the attention from catchy layouts design to make that first impression last. While the actual blog entry is usually considered to be the focal point of any blog, visual presentation will always have its impact on the interest of people as well.

Hence even with the default themes available in tow, depending on how creative a person may be, such can be variable factors in the entire blog presentation for online viewing.

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Originally posted on February 7, 2007 @ 3:48 pm