Dealing with Blogger’s Block

Similar to writing, a person will find some days a pain in the neck especially when the thoughts in their mind cannot be put into proper composition for blog entries. While these experiences can hinder the momentum of bloggers and writers, they are only natural occurrences. Anyone who takes up blogging will encounter them at a certain point and there is nothing much to do but to sit back and try to recollect wits.

Blogger's Block

It is crazy to try and write something if your mind is not set on what message or theme you want to get across. The whole effort and composition will be a waste of energy and will surely be something that will not make any sense. Blogger’s block can only be expected, and to find remedies is like that of bumping your head on the wall until you get back to your senses and write about something that people will surely appreciate.

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Originally posted on January 22, 2007 @ 9:33 am