Gender Classification in Blogging

Blog Genders

Though no one has noticed it, but bloggers often refer to male writers who can write about any topic that they would wish. Normally, there is no distinction on for gender preferences, but females who blog are tagged something else and not bloggers too.

Female bloggers are referred to as Bloggerettes. A lot of the people who blog today are women as well, an occurrence that stems from the fact that women are typically seen as left in the house doing chores and can earn money by staying indoors. While this is not aimed to generalize the female gender class, a large part of the blogerrettes do earn from blogging while in the walls of their home.

This only shows that bloggerettes can be proactive and productive if they choose too. Holding their own time, they can blog or write about anything they would wish. The flexibility of such an opportunity allows bloggerettes to earn a living as well, simply by staying home with a desktop or laptop connected to the Internet.

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Originally posted on March 15, 2007 @ 7:37 am