How Important Is Your Template?

For my personal blog, I joined this web site wherein you generate traffic by visiting other blogs. The idea is that you review other web sites and they do the same thing. It is a fair exchange, I think. You get to discover other blogs and you also receive feedback that can help you improve your blog.

One recurring feedback that I get is about my template. You see, back when I started, I used a default template. I liked it and have not had the time to change it yet. Taking into consideration the feedback that I have gotten and looking more objectively at the template, I realize that I could do so much better. And this is why I am writing about templates again. I think I wrote something about this topic a couple of months ago.

A lot of bloggers, especially those who are just starting, prefer to make use of a default template. This is indeed quite convenient and there are no problems with widgets and formatting. However, everything changes and blogs are no different. As your blog evolves, you might want to take a closer look at your template.

Although content is king, as the cliché goes, the visual aspect is also important. If you blog template is not the best match for your theme and content, then it is vital that you consider changing it. Yes, the template can make a difference for your readers. Don’t make the mistake of overlooking it.

Originally posted on September 6, 2008 @ 5:54 am