How Long Do You Spend On A Blog Post?

I do not know if you have ever pondered on this matter but exactly how much time do you spend on an average post in your blog? For those who have an inherent talent for writing, or maybe those who have developed the skill for it, they would probably say several minutes to 15 minutes for a several hundred words. For fewer words, it might even take less time than that for some people!

Yet there is no doubt about it – there are many bloggers today who are not very good writers to begin with. They may have the greatest ideas but when it comes to getting them on paper – or the screen, for that matter – is another story altogether.

So how much time do you spend writing a post? Furthermore, does it really matter? I think that it all depends on how skilled or talented you are when it comes to writing. If you are well versed in writing, then the time may not really matter at all. As long as you have a clear topic in mind and you come up with a good post, then you have no problems. However, if it takes you a while to get your ideas together, then you should consider spending more time on writing.

You can always come up with a finished product in a few minutes. That is easy enough to do. It does not mean, however, that your post will be a good one. If you already know that you still need to hone your writing skills, then do take the time to write, edit, and re-write if necessary. Only good will come of it.

Originally posted on July 6, 2008 @ 11:07 am