How to Try New Topics

If you are maintaining a personal blog, then this post is not for you. How so? Simply because of the fact that in personal blogs, anything goes when it comes to topics. You can talk about anything under the sun and your readership will probably not be affected simply because you did so. I guess that is one reason I love writing for my personal blog.

However, if one of your blogs is targeted at a specific audience, then posting new topics – especially those that are not really related to your theme – might not be a good idea. But what do you do if you have tons of material for a different topic? How are you to incorporate this in your blog?

One option would be to be really creative about your writing and try to write your posts in such a way as to touch on the new topic in mind BUT still keep the focus on your blog’s original theme. I personally would not go for this because it is much like fooling yourself and your readers.

Another option would be to guest post in other blogs that can accommodate the topic that you have in mind. For more thoughts on guest posting, you can read my previous entries on it. This can bring about more benefits than the first option I presented.

Last, you can start a new blog altogether. What with the free blogging platforms that are available to us, this will not really cost you anything. You can link to your new blog and introduce your readers to your new venture.

Which one do you prefer?

Originally posted on June 2, 2011 @ 3:06 am