How to Use Hashtags in Blogs

Blogging continues to evolve through time and as such, publishers and blog owners should keep abreast with the upgrades that are being made from time to time. Apart from updating their platforms, they should also look into other factors such as plugins and content. These steps are important in maintaining your site and attracting more visitors onward.

One strategy that can help your blog drive traffic moving forward is by using hashtags. Including hashtags in the title of your blog post has the potential of driving more traffic to your site in tandem with your tweets on Twitter.

A growing number of bloggers are now adding hashtags to their blog post titles. Although there’s still no concrete proof that doing it will affect a blog’s stats, many believe that the hashtag makes the blog more unique.


Benefits of Adding a Hashtag

There are several benefits to using a hashtag on a blog post title. Firstly, it will boost your exposure on Twitter. As Twitter is the platform that pioneered the use of hashtags, your post title will automatically show up in the searches for that particular hashtag you used.

A second benefit is that Twitter and other social media users will get to see a brief summary of your blog post that used a particular hashtag. It is, therefore, a must to create hashtags that people are likely to look for. Keep in mind that an average Twitter user gets tens to hundreds of tweets streaming constantly and when your hashtag shows up, people will easily see them.

There may be downsides to using the hashtag in your blog post title but when internet users get used to seeing them, they will eventually not mind them. Some people including the active social media users may even find it unique and useful.

To make sure you’re doing it right, you can always research online prior to using hashtags in your blogs. Numerous websites nowadays offer helpful tips and recipes for life at F3Y.

Effective Marketing Tool

Today, hashtags are no longer limited to social media sites online. They are now widely used even in traditional media such as TV and print ads and survey forms.

They are powerful marketing tools as well particularly in promoting brands and business campaigns. Many companies these days are using a brand hashtag as a signature tagline that can easily be recalled by people. They are also using it for promotions such as when giving discounts or launching special events.

Keep in mind that to be successful, hashtags need to be short, unique and easy to recall. To know what’s trending, do a research on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Google+. And if you want to make sure that your customers and followers are doing it right, you can always tell them upfront the right way to use your hashtags.

Originally posted on October 17, 2015 @ 9:42 am