Hungry for Comments?

I have to admit it, receiving notification e-mails telling me that someone has posted comments in my blog still excites me. This is particularly true when I have posted something that I especially like and can’t wait to hear what other people think about it.

The reality is, however, this: not all blogs have a wide readership and even if they do, not all readers have the initiative to post their comments regarding the posts. If your problem is the former one, check out the numerous posts in this blog about increasing your readership. As for the latter, I can help you out with that. Here are a couple of tips to satisfy your hunger for comments.

Take a Stand…
…and keep it, too. I honestly have this tendency to play it safe sometimes. I feel that I should be open minded and acknowledge that different people have different takes on issues. As a result I tend to come across as swaying from one side to the other. This is the perfect way NOT to get comments. If you want to get people’s reactions, take a stand and build on that principle. Whether people agree or disagree with you, you are likely to get comments on your posts.

End with a Question
This is perhaps one of my favorite ways to end blog posts. Throwing questions back at the readers is one way of eliciting information from them. Asking them “What do you think?” is an open invitation for them to share their thoughts on your post. Of course, the more specific the question is, the better responses you will get.

How about you, do you have any foolproof tricks that generate comments? Share them with the rest of us!

Originally posted on September 25, 2007 @ 1:26 am