Image Relevance in Blog Posts

Bloggers can use any image of their liking to act as supporting designs for usual blogs that want to prove a point. Some insights may not be shared by other people, but from the viewpoint of one person alone, a broad image to support blog entries would need in-depth content meaning for the whole entry to be justified.

Graphics Artist Blogger

Irrelevant images pointing towards the actual gist of a blog entry is something that may be risky. For one thing, not all people would understand the actual intent of the blogger. To some people, blogs are just hobbies while for some it is actually a job.

These variances alone tell a lot of how the intent of a blog entry would impact the actual people viewing it. If a reader would get down and point towards the actual blog for proper understanding and yet finds no relevance at all on the topic at hand, then the blogger may as well lose one point towards inconsistency and incompetent blogging as a whole.

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Originally posted on April 24, 2007 @ 7:57 pm