Learning from Blog Comments and Interaction

Blogging is not mainly a one way stream of blurting out the things that go around in the mind of a person. It is also about inheriting various insights and ideas from another person’s point of view that may or may not share the same belief on certain areas for consideration. Again, most blogs rely on instinct and insights to which certain topics of interest may not be analyzed or viewed in the same manner that people would see it.

Blog Comment Spamming

Some may consider blog comments as a form of spam. These are easy to spot. Comments that contain URL links or words being repeated and making no sense at all can immediately be tagged as blog comment spamming.

Thanks to Akismet, the spam blocker in most blog back ends as WordPress, comment spamming has been contained to avoid such impractical practices by people on the web. With Akismet, it classifies and blocks possible spam comments by visitors, putting some fence over possible link building practices to grab traffic and visitors towards their sites.

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Originally posted on January 28, 2007 @ 2:23 pm