Living it up on your blog with smileys!


There are different ways to express yourself with words. Sometimes, the way you construct your sentences would show your readers what you feel or how you are feeling when you wrote your blog entry. And of course, there are also those times that you simply want your facial expression to show up without posting a picture, especially if you want to remain somewhat anonymous.

One of the things you could do is use smileys, or emoticons. These emoticons are commonly seen in chat clients and forums and message boards where people communicate verbally through so many ways like instant messaging as well as emails and other such things. WordPress actually comes with default smileys and you have to enable converting images to emoticons in order for you to use them. The problem with them smileys is that you are limited to what they have.

Enter the Yahoo/MSN Smileys plugin

If you are a frequent user of the Yahoo Instant Messenger client, you would be already familiar with the emoticons and the ‘hidden’ ones too. (Like the coffee cup, the cow, etc.) And the nice thing here is that you could choose between the two sets of emoticons. There are people who prefer using the MSN ones but if you want an emoticon for “rolling on the floor” laughing — you’d have to use the Yahoo set 😉

Downloading and installing the plugin is fairly easy. Just get the plugin from this page. Follow the instructions so you won’t get lost. Basically, you need to edit the file of the plugin a bit just so you could indicate which set of smileys you will actually use. After that, you could have fun with all those secret smileys even! Blogging could be so much fun especially when you have a community blog or a group blog. It could also make your readers smile as they see your smileys and that could also make them smile even as they comment because they could use the set of smileys too. Awesome. isn’t it?


Originally posted on September 29, 2006 @ 6:23 pm