Maximizing the Power of Interview for Blog Use

Bloggers have recently identified a more dynamic way of getting their required information to put in their blogs while having the advantage of added influence. This is through the power of interviews done with people who are considered authorities in their specific field. As recognized experts in their own right, they are looked upon as the influencers of public opinion and decision. Getting the views and opinions of one such influencer in one’s blog can do wonders in terms of increased readership. It is not easy to get an interview from these “important” people as many other journalists and bloggers are asking for a slice of their time for the same purpose. Many bloggers who have been favored with such interview are one in saying that a blogger has to build a foundation first with the desired interviewee long before the actual interview. This will more or less entail interacting with them in a way that would seem beneficial to them such as providing online support for their latest activities and causes. In short, it will essentially be thinking of ways to be “helpful” or “of use” to the intended subject. By virtue of human nature, people whether celebrities or not, tend to give in to requests more easily when a “favor” has been bestowed on them. The reason why there is emphasis on getting an authority as an interviewee is quite simple. Their words create more interest and attention and undivided attention is what every blogger wish to have for their blog. Getting a lesser-known expert may not produce the same results. Let us just presume that you are able to get the nod of a highly sought-after expert for an interview. You must remember that you will need to maximize the power of the interview for it to have a beneficial effect on you blog. Here are some tips on how to do it. 1. Plan and Focus Your Questions Do not waste time on irrelevant questions. You have the extraordinary chance to extract real information for your readers. Ask “intelligent” questions that require helpful answers. 2. Work On Your Blog Authority An interview with an expert goes hand in hand with a credible blog. Do not expect a single interview to work wonders for your blog. Make your blog a fitting platform for expert advise by providing quality content from the very start. 3. Go for Face-to-Face Interview Many bloggers are tempted to just email their questions and receive emailed answers. Opt for face-to-face interview whenever possible. Your post will turn out more genuine.   About the Guest Blogger: Grace is a blogger/journalist who has had extensive experience in doing interviews. She is always happy to share her interview tips.  

Originally posted on October 5, 2012 @ 9:54 am