More Tips on Coming Up with Topics

Here are more great (and simple!) ways to get your brain juices flowing and write that fantastic post.

Look into comments
This could actually work both ways. You can try digging deeper into the comments that your readers have posted in your blog and get your ideas for other posts from them. Alternately, you can look into comments from other blogs – they always have a gem in them somewhere. Another way is when you yourself make comments in other blogs. instead of expounding deeply in your comment, why not use your ideas for a separate post instead?

Keep working at it
What I mean is, do not let yourself get stale for too long. The more you write, the more ideas you tend to get. Try not blogging for more than a week (that is, if you write everyday) and you will see what I mean. It’s something like keeping your muscles warm so you can keep going and producing first rate entries.

Maintain a database…
…of topics. Sometimes, even when you are not in a writing mode, the ideas just keep coming. It would be a good thing if you had the time to write an entry then and there. However, that is not always the case. That is why I think it is important to keep an organized database (or list, in simpler terms) of topics that you can write about. In the future, when you come up blank, you simply have to check this list and get to writing.

Originally posted on January 13, 2008 @ 11:36 am