Movies and blogging

moviesA lot of people like movies. Maybe you like them too. When it comes to blogging, you could see some blogs that talk about movies all the time. There are formal movie reviews. There are common elements in these movie reviews like specific information:

  • title of the movie
  • release date of the movie
  • movie producer/s
  • movie director
  • cast
  • plot
  • rating

Actually, if you plan to have a movie review blog, you could try using the structured blogging plugin on WordPress or TypePad. There you will have a form to fill up already and it makes it easy for you to put in the details. A nice thing about it too is that it would make it easier for others to pick up the information you put there.

There are also those who do movie reviews in their own way. Some would have comic strips showing their general opinion of the movie and their comments would follow in the entire blog entry. There are also others who prefer to make spoofs. The spoofs may or may not have images. If you are quite comfortable in using image editing apps, you could experiment with different images and/or screenshots.

If you could find additional information about the movie, it would be neat to have a trivia section in your blog entry. It does not have to be too detailed. It adds spice to your blog entry.

The important thing about this is that you have fun while blogging about the movie. You might or might not have enjoyed it but it’s alright. That is all a part of the review, after all.

Originally posted on June 20, 2006 @ 2:12 pm