My Opinion on Link Baiting

Because of this post on Guru’s post on succesful link baiting it came to me as an idea that there is also one form of link baiting which I do often. I post exagerated articles like this for example : A Day without Coffee at the QuickStop.

I know , I exagerated a bit but heck it did give me a whole lot of traffic, I didn’t lie. I just added a couple of hours, to make my post seem more exciting.

Plus, another successful form of link baiting is debunking rumors or news about something which is accepted as true by the public. For example we all know the world is round but we can create an article or post telling everyone that the world is really flat. OK you got me; I don’t have a post to back it up. But here’s another a really good example of a cute link bait.

We heard a lot of rumors that Windows Vista is a sh!tty OS, but I love Windows Vista and I’m trying to reach out to readers that it’s another great OS like in this post : Is your Windows Vista Healthy?

I gave tips on how to maintain Vista healthy and keeping it running smooth. Going against the flow generates more readers than staying with the trend, but be prepared for critics and angry readers with their opinions. It’s part of blogging life, after all.

Originally posted on August 30, 2007 @ 5:14 pm