Outlining Your Blog Categories

Another tip in implementing a systematic approach in creating effective and informative blogs is that of listing down the respective categories associated with the general intent of the blog. After each blog entry, selecting the proper category to be listed in helps in itemizing the blog entries related to such posts made. This makes it easier for visitors to find actual topics of interest.

Widget Categorizing
Categories would usually help a lot as well for people who may be doing search queries on particular subject matters. Also, categories help bring in visitors to check on other blogs that may be of interest to them at an instant or for future information needed for faster recall. It would be best to categorize each post to as many as possible. However, it should be retained that the categories chosen should be in clear connection with the blog entry, since this may put any person in dismay if he or she finds out that the blog-in-charge does not know how to effectively distinguish the proper category of his blog entry. [tags]blog, blogger, blogging, start-up, categorizing[/tags]

Originally posted on October 7, 2010 @ 10:20 am