Questions To Ask Yourself Before Publishing That Post (Part 2)

In my last entry, I present a couple of questions that you should ask yourself before publishing your new blog entry. Here are a couple more.

1. Will my readers find anything useful in my post?

This really depends on your target readers. If you take into account who you want reading your blogs – and you definitely should do this – then you can determine what your readers will find useful. For example, if you are targeting your business’s customers, then what they will find useful is something related to your niche. If you are writing for Blog Tutorials, then anything to do with improving one’s blog will be useful. Then again, if you just want to make people laugh and have a good time, then a post in that tone would be useful. Always remember that you should focus on a specific market and base your targets on that.

2. Are my facts reliable?
One of the things that irk me is when I read a blog entry claiming something to be factual and knowing that it isn’t! It is much like chatting with other people and then hearing them say something and then claim that that thing is true when you know very well it isn’t. The only way to avoid this is to do research and make sure that what you are writing down is true. Of course, sometimes, we may believe something to be true and find out later on that we were wrong. There’s no helping it – just admit it and amend your post.

Originally posted on March 24, 2008 @ 2:03 pm