Setup A $0.99 Blog With Domain In 2 Minutes

I do this regularly when I need an instant blog for a particularly product or service. Follow the steps:

1. Think of keywords for your blog. Keywords are important because we want our blog to be easily remembered by potential visitors. It is also great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Figure out what’s apt for the blog you want to make. For instance, if you are going to blog about cars and you are located in Detroit, you can use ‘cars’ and ‘detroit’ in your keywords. You can get help from Yahoo’s overture tool for suggested keywords. For this example, let’s use ‘carsdetroit’.

2. Search for a domain name. You can use services like Godaddy for this. Type-in “carsdetroit” in the search domain box. If it is available, buy it. You can see that is available in the image below. Buy your domain name with your trusty credit card. Take note, is worth only $0.99! Get it!

Searching For Available Domain Names

3. Set up a blogger account. If you have a Google account, you can pretty much login with that and setting it up. Go to the publishing – settings page and edit the custom domain name field. Input your domain name (in our example, we should put in this field. You can see the full instructions on blogger.

4. Login in to and set up your domain name to connect to the blogger website.

Congratulations! You now have a blog set up for less than a dollar.

Originally posted on May 24, 2007 @ 2:23 pm