Story Telling In Your Blog

I remember joining writing contests when I was in grade school. I loved the actual writing and appreciated all the input that my mother and English teachers would give me. One thing that stood out from all the pieces of advice that I received is this: Tell a story. Telling a story engages your readers like nothing else can but it does take some spinning and weaving in order for it to be effective. So how do you tell a story in your blog? One thing that you have to perfect is your beginning. Unlike short stories and novels, blog posts are meant to be short and are meant to be read quickly. Attention spans of blog readers are relatively shorter. As such, you have to start out BIG. You have to grab the attention of your readers from the get go. Leave the background information for later. Instead, make it a point to get your readers to fall for your story, hook, line, and sinker. Another important consideration is to be sure of what you want to convey and to make sure that you convey it clearly. Just because you are telling a story does not mean that you have to make your stand clear nor does it mean that you do not have to have a clear reason for telling the story. Make this clear in your mind and that will be translated to your writing. (to be continued)

Originally posted on May 8, 2011 @ 6:19 am