The Game Plan of Blogging

Admit it: some of your posts are written on a whim. An idea struck you and you completely itched to write about it. That’s actually good because its spontaneity is closely linked to creativity. However, posts-on-a-whim hardly ever work for serious bloggers. For all you know (and you have to admit!), not all your spontaneous posts are that creative and worth reading. You may just be posting content that’s a product of “thinking aloud” that not everyone would be interested in. If you want to keep a good traffic and earn yourself loyal readers, you must have good content all the time. Have a writing plan. First, know what you want to say. Have a specific topic you’d want to discuss or relate. Second (and this is very important), know what you are trying to say. Try looking at your topic in more perspectives and ask yourself questions to test your knowledge of it. If you find yourself not being able to answer and find yourself confused, you don’t know much about what you want to write and are obviously in need of research. After gaining enough knowledge of your topic, determine your writing style. Should you be informative, persuasive, or entertaining? This will depend on your topic. Ultimately, consider your readers. Would they want to know this? Would it be helpful for them? After all, you’re not writing for yourself.

Originally posted on March 26, 2008 @ 3:13 am